Feel What You Hear: Haptic Feedback As An Accompaniment to Mobile Music Playback

by Lynne Baillie, David Beattie and Lee Morton
Glasgow Caledonian University, UK

The paper describes the creation of a mobile music player accompanied with synchronised haptic feedback to create a novel method of audio playback on a mobile device. There has been a large range of research into the development of audio haptic systems used to enhance user interaction on mobile devices as well as providing useful information about users‟ surroundings while way-finding. An alternative collaboration of haptics and audio feedback is presented here in order to provide a more novel fun method of interaction with a music playback application. Furthermore, a method of previewing audio is presented in the form of a haptic preview. The preview is used to enable users to “feel” the track they want to select, thus saving them from having to remember how the track sounded and having to look at the screen, before actually playing it.
Our results show that users enjoyed the combination of audio and haptic feedback and that users would very much like to see this type of sensory collaboration being incorporated into their own mobile device.